Milk Tea Lab presents the utmost modernization of the booming bubble tea culture. We aim to create a space for young kids to enjoy themselves whether it’s to grab a bite, study or hang out with friends. We have a popular collection of board games which are personally collected, from all over Asia for you to enjoy. These games are so exclusive that many are not even sold in the states or available online!

We strive for a positive and inviting atmosphere, one where you can feel comfortable and be yourself. 

Our tea experts know the best brewing temperature and time for each of the milk teas we offer. Our bobas are cooked to perfection and our products are made with quality in mind. We use organic products as part of our key ingredients.

We consider our staff our Scien”tea”ist ,as they are constantly working on formulas and experimenting with new drinks. In fact, our “Special Drink” of the month is dedicated to the lucky Scien”tea”ist who has created the concoction. All special drinks needs to pass our quality-control inspection as well as receive the owner’s final approval. A lot of time and dedication go into formulating these drinks so the next time your here, be sure to try one!