Meet Kaman Loi (KM), Founder and Owner of Milk Tea Lab

Milk Tea Lab is inspired by one’s personal boba experiences; the good times spent with friends and family. From age 13, KM was first introduced to boba drinks by her mother and was instantly hooked. Almost every day in high school, she would find herself getting boba drinks after school with friends. Eventually she would even start to make her own drinks from home where she would do extensive research and trial and error. As her strong passion for boba kept growing, KM knew she wanted to one day open her own boba business.

In 2016, Milk Tea Lab opened their first location in Pleasant Hill, and having just barely hit the two year mark, two more locations are set to open sometime this year! KM’s success thrives from the fact that it’s not just a boba business but a BOBA LIFESTYLE.

The energy, good food and positive vibes are simply contagious!