Boba Catering FAQ

Ordering Questions

What is the minimum for boba catering?
  • Full-Service On-Site: No minimum guest count required.
  • Delivery Drop-Off: Minimum of 50 cups.
Can I submit an order in advance?

Yes! Advance ordering is highly recommended for the best service. Access our order form here:

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order at any time with a full refund of any charges you have made. Cancellations within 2 weeks of your event date are non-refundable. 

Can you accommodate last-minute orders?

While we always try our best, last-minute orders depend on our availability. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll see what we can do!

Pricing Questions

How much does your boba catering cost?

Pricing depends on several factors: guest count, flavors, event length, service type (drop-off or full service), and location. Here’s our starting point:

  • Full-Service On-Site: Starts at $300 per hour, $3.50 for per extra guest after 100 guests limit
  • Delivery Drop-Off:
    Starts at
    $ per 700cc (24oz.) drink
    Get a tailored quote at
Is there a delivery fee?

No for the Full-Service On-site option

Yes for the Delivery Drop-off option if you order less than 100 cups. It will be a $25 delivery fee.

How much does it cost to order more than 3 choices of drinks or toppings?

For the Full-Service On-site Option, it will depend on your guest counts.

For guests under 100 count, it will be $90 for one extra drink choice, and $20 for one extra topping choice.

As for the Delivery Drop-off option, we do not offer more than 3 choices at the moment. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Zelle, and cash.

Menu and Flavors Quetions

What boba flavors do you offer?
Do you offer caffeine-free or decaf drinks?

Yes, we have delicious caffeine-free/decaf boba tea options.

Are there both dairy and non-dairy milk options?

Yes! Most of our milk teas are made with non-dairy milk as the default option. Our Milk Cow, Tiger Milk Tea, and Thai Milk Tea are typically made with dairy milk but can be easily modified with a non-dairy alternative upon request.

Can I adjust the sweetness levels?

Yes, but customizations apply to the entire batch for your selected flavor.

Can I customize the drinks for my event theme or preferences?

Yes, we love customizing offerings! Please note that some customization requests may incur an additional fee.

How many flavors and toppings do my catering options include?

Both full-service and delivery drop-off include up to three drink choices and three toppings choices. We can accommodate additional flavors and toppings for an extra cost depending on quantity and guest count.

Logistics Questions

Where do you cater?

We happily serve the Bay Area. For service outside of our primary area, please check our homepage for the cities we cover, or contact us. Additional fees may apply for locations outside our primary zone.

What do I need for on-site service?

We’ll need a 6-foot table (though we can provide one if necessary).

How long does setup typically take?

Setup usually takes about 30 minutes. We generally try to arrive 30 minutes before your event’s start time, though this is not always guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances.